Burnout is the killer of the mind, body and spirit. For Founders and C-Suite leaders, burnout can be a career killer as well. The Impact Seat’s CIO Cheryl Contee shared some of her secrets for keeping cool, taking time to recharge, and avoiding the curse of “C-Suite Psychosis”.

Cheryl describes C-Suite Psychosis as: “a state in which a C-level executive begins to unravel under immense pressure and burnout.” With a never-ending pandemic, absolutely no one is immune to burn out. We’re here to help give you tips so you can learn to fight the signs of burnout before it knocks you down.

Read the full Fast Company article here.

At The Impact Seat, we don’t just invest in innovative ideas — we invest in innovative minds. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Contee, is no stranger to both having innovative ideas and being an innovative founder herself. After co-founding the social customer relationship management platform Attentive.ly and successfully leading it to exit, Cheryl went on to found a mission-driven digital agency called Do Big Things. Throughout her startup journey, Cheryl quickly learned the most important piece of advice for an entrepreneur: “invest in [yourself].”

Cheryl recently joined Flippa’s “The Exit” podcast to chat about the importance of self-confidence, self-investment, launching your startup, preparing for your company’s exit, and much more. Listen to the full episode, “Investing In Yourself” here.

At The Impact Seat, we invest in both innovation and in forward-thinking founders. We’re so thrilled to announce Arria NLG’s acquisition of our portfolio company Boost Sport AI — congrats to Boost’s phenomenal leaders: Mustafa Abdul-Hamid (now EVP, Arria) and Inga Nakhmanson (now EVP of Product Engineering, Arria)!

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In 2020, nearly half of all Black-owned businesses and 32% of Latine-owned businesses in America closed down due to COVID-19. To make matters worse, government aid failed to reach Black and Brown entrepreneurs when needed most. …

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