By Terence Craig

Breaking Down The Equity Gap

Most folks are familiar with Venture Capital’s dismal lack of diversity, but the actual numbers bring the industry’s problems into sharp focus.

Only 3% of all VC partners are Black, only 3% of VC partners are Latinx, and nearly three-quarters of U.S VC firms do not have a single female investing partner. On the entrepreneurial side, less than 2% of VC Investment went to Latinx founders, and only 1% of VC backed founders are Black, and a miserly 2.6% went to women.

The Fallacy of The “Pipeline Problem”

Perhaps the weakest and most popular excuse for the venture industry’s exclusion of women and people of color…

At The Impact Seat, we’re incredibly passionate about investing in Climate Innovation — particularly, we’re passionate about investing in equitable and sustainable innovation that serves communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change. Last month, The Impact Seat’s President and Founder, Barbara Clarke, virtually visited her alma mater, Brandeis University, with three innovative Cleantech startup founders to discuss their revolutionary innovations, the future of clean energy, and the disparities within the Cleantech space for excluded founders.

During the chat, Steph Speirs, Co-Founder and CEO of Solstice, (a women-of-color run green energy organization that works to put Cleantech in the hands…

By Terence Craig, Chief Investment Officer

The science is clear: if you do not embrace diversity, you are leaving money on the table.

Although “Celebrate Diversity Month” is nearing an end, it is important to celebrate diversity every month. We live and do business in a multi-gender, multi-cultural, multi-identity world where diversity is not only a moral requirement, but also a fiscal responsibility. At The Impact Seat, our goal is to drive new innovation and new tech for a new economy, and we know that numerous studies show that diverse teams outperform monoculture teams consistently and significantly.

We view our…

Have you noticed that environmental issues are often talked about in the theoretical? How they’re often bolstered by statistics of what life will be like for our children’s children? How many times have you heard the narratives: “we need to reach net zero by 2050…” or “sea levels will rise by 50cm by 2100 if we don’t reduce our emissions…”? Statements like these are harrowing truths, but they often miss a major fact: climate change is already killing us, and killing Black and Brown communities disproportionately at alarming rates.

Currently, people of color are more likely to die of environmental…

At The Impact Seat, we invest in the power of women. Although healthcare attracts significant investment, women’s healthcare specifically is underfunded on a global scale despite serving half of the world’s population. This worldwide disparity has resulted in a lack of innovation within the healthcare sector.

In 2018 we met Alydia Health’s founder Jess Becker and CEO Anne Morrissey. Alydia Health developed a revolutionary device to stop postpartum hemorrhaging. We knew their device was a groundbreaking innovation in maternal health, and we believed their team would be the right group to take this product through FDA approval and to market…

It takes smart leadership, solid community, and a strong foundation to pull your team through a crisis. Our Chief Innovation Officer (and Founder of the mission-driven digital agency Do Big Things), Cheryl Contee, sat with Fast Company to discuss the crisis management tips that brought her and her teams to success during the chaos of 2020. Read an excerpt below:

When you’re facing a crisis or an important inflection point for your organization, I recommend slowing down momentarily to take in the full scope and landscape of the problem you’re facing. Synthesize the new data in front of you, then…

My father was a physician and I accompanied him on his rounds. So I’ve had an interest in the medical field and helping people all my life. I majored in Marketing and English in college and started working at global medical device leader Medtronic, as a writer. There, I worked my way up to being a senior product marketing manager and was involved in launching three major products.

After Medtronic, I joined a non-profit, Magic Arms, as its executive director and helped create devices to assist children affected by arthrogryposis, an orphan medical condition, use their arms. …

Parna: What’s unique about your company?

Tanya: Goalsetter covers kids from cradle to graduation and is so much more than a kid’s debit card. We give newborns their first savings accounts that the whole family can contribute to. Five-year-olds can start taking our financial literacy quizzes, earning money from allowance, and receiving GoalCards instead of gift cards on birthdays and holidays — real money towards real dreams.

Eight-year-olds, tweens, and teens can get their first debit card, and use it to learn smart spending — literally. …

Let us imagine for a second that you were a loan manager at a well-respected bank. A trusted business partner, Maria, calls you.

Maria: “I would appreciate it if you could meet with my friends and loan them some money to buy a building. It is an excellent building, in a great neighborhood, but my friend is worried about people hearing of its availability. But if you will sign a NDA, promising never to discuss the building or the block the building is on, they will be happy to meet with you and discuss you loaning them money.”

I think…

With aspirations to become a doctor, Shaun Bagai, CEO of RenovoRx, had a transformative experience early on in his career that gave him the courage to decline medical school and set his sights on developing innovative solutions that positively impact people’s lives.

In this Q&A, Shaun and I explore his background, RenovoRx’s potential life-extending technology, and investor Barbara Clarke’s role in his company’s success.

So, let’s get started.

Parna: Tell me a little about your background?

Shaun: I was born in Canada and grew up in California, along with my two younger brothers. My parents are from India. My passion…

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