Leading Your Team Through a Crisis: Fast Company Quotes Our Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Contee

It takes smart leadership, solid community, and a strong foundation to pull your team through a crisis. Our Chief Innovation Officer (and Founder of the mission-driven digital agency Do Big Things), Cheryl Contee, sat with Fast Company to discuss the crisis management tips that brought her and her teams to success during the chaos of 2020. Read an excerpt below:

When you’re facing a crisis or an important inflection point for your organization, I recommend slowing down momentarily to take in the full scope and landscape of the problem you’re facing. Synthesize the new data in front of you, then quickly make decisions. Be prepared to measure impact, rigorously re-evaluate prior decisions, and make new decisions based on your experience and environment within six to 12 weeks so you have rapid response capacity as the crisis evolves or abates. — Cheryl on the importance of taking time to process new data.

Read the full article for more leadership advice, and stay tuned for upcoming Fast Company articles from Cheryl! Having recently joined Fast Company’s Executive Board Expert Panel, she will be writing thought leadership pieces regularly on topics like tech startups, digital trends and the economic recovery now underway.

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