Portfolio Company RenovoRX Goes Public on the NASDAQ

We’re extending a huge congratulations to our portfolio company, RenovoRx (RNXT) who just went public on the NASDAQ! RenovoRX is an innovative biopharma company that focuses on extending the lives of pancreatic cancer patients. This IPO will further the advancement and accessibility of this life saving treatment to cancer patients worldwide, and we’re so proud to have been a part of it.

Our founder, Barbara Clarke, invested early in this medical device company through Astia Angels and then brought in Portfolia’s Rising Tide as well. This investment marks a series of historic milestones for us and our partners Astia Angels and Portfolia. RenovoRX was Portfolia’s very first investment, the first IPO for Barbara and Portfolia, and the second IPO for Astia!

This IPO marks the first of many exciting chapters for Renovo. With seven U.S. patents for its technology, and two separate Orphan Drug Designations from the FDA for pancreatic cancer and bile duct cancer, RenovoRX is primed for continued growth and innovation.

Read Renovo’s full press release about their IPO here! To learn more about RenovoRX’s mission, read our full interview of their CEO, Shaun Bagai.