The Impact Seat’s Diversity Pledge

By Terence Craig, Chief Investment Officer

The science is clear: if you do not embrace diversity, you are leaving money on the table.

Although “Celebrate Diversity Month” is nearing an end, it is important to celebrate diversity every month. We live and do business in a multi-gender, multi-cultural, multi-identity world where diversity is not only a moral requirement, but also a fiscal responsibility. At The Impact Seat, our goal is to drive new innovation and new tech for a new economy, and we know that numerous studies show that diverse teams outperform monoculture teams consistently and significantly.

We view our diversity as a foundational strength that has allowed us to build an investor culture and portfolio that facilitates equity and inclusion at every step. Not only do we invest in diverse teams, we are a diverse team. We have seen firsthand how our woman-led, diverse team embraces creative friction to create better solutions. Based on the research and our own experience, we are only investing in companies that share our values and will embrace the following diversity pledge:

We pledge to proactively build a culture that cherishes and encourages diversity of all kinds but particularly diversity across castes, classes, ethnicities, sexes, cultural identities, and gender identities. Our organizational culture will strive to create diversity in our management, staff, board, advisor groups, vendors, and partners and support it with inclusion and equity-oriented practices, policies, and processes.

We will recruit from diverse locations, welcome differences, and commit to a learning journey from this perspective. We will maintain this commitment through our executives and managers renewing this pledge each year and maintaining their knowledge base and understanding through at least an annual learning opportunity for themselves, their board, and their employees.

Visit our website or reach out to us at to learn more. We look forward to working with you to build a profitable and more equitable future!

Build diverse, innovative teams that deliver better results. Make an impact.

Build diverse, innovative teams that deliver better results. Make an impact.